Bazyl Says - First Aid for Dogs

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Bazyl Says

A A4 colouring in Book for your child or school
It is full of Educational infomation for your child on looking after ther dog / dogs
Hours of fun colouring in.

BAZYL  SAYS...........     The  titles in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa

1. A good pet owner loves his animal

2. All dogs must have their inoculations or they will get sick and die

3. Do not sell puppies. The  animal police will take the puppies away

4. A happy dog has a safe home, bed and toys to play with

5. A happy dog has shelter from the hot sun

6. Dogs love to ride in the car with their family

7. Dogs love to play with their toys

8. Your dog loves to play with you

9. Play with your dog. It is fun

10.  It is fun to walk your dog with your friends and their dogs

11.  Your dog must not walk on a hot road in the sun. His feet will get burnt

12.  Your dog is your family and must not be left outside at night by himself

13. Your dog will be very scared and sad if he is lost and cannot find you

14.  Never hold your dog too tightly as he cannot breathe

15.  Give your dog fresh water every day

16.  The  animal police will come if you chain your dog in the sun with no food, water or shelter

17.  Don't leave a dog in a car with the windows closed and in the hot sun. He will die from the heat!

18.  Fireworks and thunder will make your dog scared

19.  Never dump your dog far away from his home

20.  Please don't throw a dog out of a car or taxi

21.  It is very bad to kick your dog as you will hurt him

22.  Don't stand on a dog's leg or foot. It is very sore!

23.  Sun or rain, Your dog must have his own house if he has to live outside

24.  Do not pull a dog or cat's tail. It is very sore!

25.  Do not shout loudly at your dog. He will be very scared!

26.  Never hit a dog with a stick or a pole

27.  Never cut your dog's ears off! It is very sore!

28.  Never cut off a dog's tail the animal police will be very cross

29.  Dog fighting is cruel and the animal police will take the dogs away from you

30.  Poor dog! No food , water, or bed to sleep on.  Very sad!

31.  All dogs must have shelter from rain and the cold

32.  Your dog loves you so much. He is your best friend

33.  Your dog will miss you if he is left alone. It will make him very sad

34.  Your dog is family so let him  sleep inside to keep you safe

35.  His collar must never be too tight or he cannot breathe

36.  Your dog loves you and will protect you

37.  Never use a chain as a collar as it will hurt his neck and the animal police will be very cross

38.  The animal police will be very cross if your dog has puppies

39.  Please put a name tag  and telephone number on your dog's collar in case he gets lost

40.  All dogs want to have another dog as a friend or he will be lonely

41.  Your dog is also part of the family and must be allowed into the house

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